by Forbearance

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released December 4, 2012

Engineered & Produced with Dave Piatek
Dave Piatek Recording Services

Mastered by Dan Coutant
Sun Room Audio

Drums tracked at Innovation Studios

All other instruments tracked at the Dave Piatek Recording Compound in Cleveland, OH



all rights reserved


Forbearance Indiana, Pennsylvania

Melodic Hardcore from Western PA

Spencer - Bass
Rob - Guitar
Nick - Guitar
Dave - Drums
Kyle - Vocals

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Track Name: Time Will Not Change Us
In the blink of an eye, lives changed for the worse
Unaware of what occurred that day
Questions asked and silenced
Growing tired of all this distance left without any answers
This safe haven has completely vanished
A haze blankets our vision
We could not see what took place forced to roam in the dark

It has appeared
The truth is told
It tore us apart
Not knowing what will unfold
Pride weighed you down, you continued to sink
No strength to surface, no time to think

A decade has passed since our last embrace
Time has let you fade away
You will never stand again
Remain alive without living
Frustration fills our minds
Our hearts consumed by shame.
Guilt flows through our veins
Left with no memories to retain

Unable to breathe relieved
Everything collapses
You walk this path alone
Prepare for solitude
Staring into your hands
How could this happen
Wishing you could take it back
Every word and action
Track Name: New Beginnings and a Fractured Heart
Sever these ties for the last time
Shackles and chains are broken
We are now free to chase our own dreams
Lighting torches to see these roads
Illuminate the trail to our goal
Forgetting everything we are told
Refusing to walk into this deception

Breaking down time and again
Many attempts with no progress made
Falling down with no strength
But I refuse to fade away
Nothing in this world to call my own
Living with this fear of dying alone

These days grow shorter
And nights grow longer
Reaching for your hand
So I can feel your comfort

Losing faith in the world
Slip away from the truth
Unable to open my eyes
To see these sights
I can't bear these burdens
Continue walking with open wounds
We must recover
We must move forward

Beyond our thoughts
We must carry on

Moving further down this trail
At any cost I must prevail
Darker days bleak and gray
I'd trade despair for anything
Track Name: Trembling Hands
I always hated seeing everything crumble before my eyes
My life battered and broken no one hears my cries
Frustration consumes me, I can't stand myself
This life is mine to live, not anybody else

Can't hear a word they say
Can't hear a sound they make
I turn around and choose to walk away

Isolation is where I remain
Consumed by sorrow drowning in pain
It's not just today its every year
Helplessness, loneliness, weakness and fear

Disappointed in myself
And what I have achieved
But not allowing it to stop me
From who I truly want to be

I may have doubted myself before but now it's time to turn around
In the right direction, standing tall not falling down
Stay on track move ahead, steadfast in my state of mind
Failure is not an option, this victory is mine

Walk away
Filled with disgust
For everyone I knew
And the ones I used to trust
Pushing forward
I'll leave it all behind
Images from the past
No longer plague my fragile mind.